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    Kik Dogg

    This is too f**king true. I had not seen any of those popups everyone is bitching about until my firefox crashed yesterday and because I was in a hurry I just opened up Chrome, which I never use. OMFG the avalanche of popups (and super annoying audio ones, too) was ENORMOUS!! I immediately added an adblock extension (which I didn’t have, since I never use Chrome) and everything was great again. Took me about 15 seconds. Because the dog interrupted me to bark at me.


    There are pop ups on MCS? Who knew?


    And how do you get rid of the TROJ_AGENT.RRT?


    OK, so I’ve installed AdBlock. So now the popups are gone, plus ALL the other ads which I used to click on when they interested me. Maybe I’m the minority… but I can’t help thinking this barrage of pop-ups will only be a bad thing in terms of ad revenue?


    Just go to 9gag.. most of the shit is either from there or is soon posted over there… after getting viruses here a few times, I rarely come back. That and case-fag, pony shit and now his new replacement…

    Inb4 “then fucking leave” fags.

    The King of Nothing

    How about for iPhone?


    Fine. Put a piece of tape on a leaking dam. The issue here is not the I have to google and apply an ad blocker. The real issue is, what is the point of tiki having pop up adds to make money, if everyone is blocking them? Just take them down. Same results, no one sees them. Utter nonsense.


    In this day and age it is mind boggling to use these pop-ups and audio ads. It can’t be generating revenue. All it does is force people away from the site.
    I can only assume because Tiki is in love he no longer gives a hoot about MCS, which is fine.
    But if you’re going to kill the site, do it quick. Rip it off like a band-aid, not the slow torture of pop-ups and ponies.


    I pretty much get a pop-up n every new MCS page I open, and *some* of them get shut down by AV software for being from known malaware spreading sites. AdBlock extension now installed.


    Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have to get an ad-blocker if there were no ridiculously annoying adds to block. What’s wrong with banner ads?


    I’ve removed this site from my pen in tabs section…. that bloody annoying mackeeper audio auto start ad bypasses Safari’s ad blocker and is on every page…. needs numerous closes before it finally goes away.

    Mackeeper is a con company….. sheesh, you’d think the owner of this site would understand that the most annoying thing on the web is audio auto-start!!


    Demon’s right. Tiki just doesn’t care anymore. Well, either do I. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe I’ll check back in 6 months and see if anythings changed. Have a good spring/summer everyone. Eat some Watermelon for me. Cya 🙂

    Luke Magnifico

    Bye bye!

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