What your cigar says about you

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    All of the above: “Greedy, pretentious and arrogant. Likely to die of lung cancer, but not as soon as you’d like”.


    Actually, you don’t inhale cigar smoke unless you’re doing it wrong, so it causing lung cancer is pretty unlikely. Full marks for spelling ‘pretentious’ correctly, though.

    purple banana

    Mouth and upper respiratory cancers are more likely, though. My grandmother smoked a lot of cigars (she was working class Irish) and ended up getting cancer of the tongue.

    …Unless those cigars are wrapped around wonderful cancer-destroying delicious cannabis!


    Cigar smoke has higher concentrations of carcinogens than cigarette smoke does. Even if you don’t inhale, you’re effectively giving yourself a really bad dose of second-hand smoke.


    A couple of these drawings seem to be the same thing, so… huh.


    I alternate, but generally I’m the fourth