American grocery store 1960s

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    So this is how Super Duper Mart looked before the nukes.


    If you see in the top, there is a board with an index of whats in every aisle…funny now how we have only signs in each aisle telling us whats in that aisle. My point is, you used to be able to walk in, look at the board of what you wanted, get the corresponding aisle number and there you go; nowadays you have to traverse the entire store to find the things you want wasting time and creating headaches.
    Just my two cents.


    This is how american grocery stores still looks like, except there are a few more WALMART signs floating around. And forcing people to walk around the stores is good for two reasons. One, its the idea of impulse buying. People see something that they didn’t know they wanted and throw it in the shopping cart. Increase in sales! (I see this all the time at my job, which happens to be walmart) Second reason, fat americans could use the extra exercise and the extra brain stress. Lets face it, we sit on our asses all day if we could, grocery… Read more »


    Where Da Black People At?

    Malta Soron

    Does anyone know the purpose of those brown and white boards at the checkouts?