Apple Users

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    it’s funny because it’s true

    adrian wallace

    poor buggers windows sucks had 4 pc”s to one apple only the apple keeps going KILL BILL gates


    Yeah, had the same thing… only the other way around.
    I think that’s what KILLED JOBS.

    (also, killed my business – once you buy 4 Apples – you’re pretty well f**ked)


    in my 30 years as a professional computer geek, i have actually owned three motorola platforms, and seven intel platforms (apart from the countless others that i built, and rebuilt, for others)… but of them, four were actually macs, and only two of them ran windoesn’t… the rest were (and are) linux boxes, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

    but, for the record, the graphic is wrong.

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