Heart Attack Grill

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The Heart Attack Grill is an American hamburger restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has courted controversy by serving high-calorie menu items with deliberately provocative names.

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    was a story a few weeks back about a dude having a heart attack at that place


    I can’t wait for the Man Vs. Food program on this. Just seeing that fat guy sit down and struggle to finish it whilst his heart explodes and his bowels evacuate. Streams of people cheering ‘Adam you can do it!’ while he convulses the last remaining droplets of blood from his circulatory system.

    I hope it’s in HD.


    I see at least two other reasons for a heart attack, beside food…


    I thinking that guy behind the waitress is passed out. One of your reasons npbnjvsxynpsff?


    If this:

    is their standard uniform, then yeah, back of those waitresses got a high CIF (Coronary Inducting Factor) too.


    If you finish your hamburger, you get one of the nurses to drive you out with a wheelchair.
    The Salad bar is a Fry bar which is cooked in 100% lard.
    if you weight over 300 pounds you can eat there for free…forever…well until you get a heart attack.



    no amount of makeup is going to cover up the white trashiness of these broads.. no amount