surely it’s a fair and balanced website, right?

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    purple banana

    Funny, I was just going through orientation at Wegmans, and they had like an hour’s worth of videos and talks about unions. They don’t penalize you for joining, but if you work at Wegmans, why the hell would anyone want to join a union?


    I have no idea what a Wegmans is but the simple idea of a union despite what you may have heard is an advocate for your rights as a worker. Cue the massed and vocal outrage of the uneducated and vocal right wing members of MCS.


    I’m actually shocked they haven’t shown up yet.


    Unions, like other institutions, lost the reason, idea, that was behind their creation in the first place.


    Actually, unions are still pretty much do what they’ve always done. Which is why people in power want to crush them so bad.


    Then you’re more fortunate, than other people.


    Citation needed.


    You’re an idiot. You’re providing a link as a citation for another poster who never made his point clear.


    Unions are why the government keeps raising your taxes- they can’t fire anybody. Unions are why shit like a new car that used to cost $3,500 in 1970 costs $70,000 now. Inflation alone would only have made it @20,000. ( www.usinflationcalculator.com/) Unions raising production costs through the roof are why Corporate America shut down their factories here and moved them to Asia. Unions force you to pay dues that they spend on POLITICAL causes you don’t agree with. Most Union Leadership is as much about BIG MONEY as the CorporRATs are. Just because that website and video message is an… Read more »


    Taxes are at a historical low, you ignorant shit.


    Cars in 1970 did not have sophisticated computer controlled engines, anti-lock brakes, fuel-injection, back-up cameras, air bags, emission controls, built-in OnStar, GPS, quality stock stereos, sattelite radio, IPod docks, heated seats, power windows, power door locks, power seats, buit-in DVD players, or any of the other innovations that have come along in the last 40 years.

    I think these things might contribute to the cost of the car…


    unions are outdated