dolphin rape caves

dolphin rape caves

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    Looks like an urban myth. Same thing gets repeated across multiple websites, none of them have references, the website for the organisation doesn’t mention Scott Randleston, and searching for his name just brings up the same thing that’s listed here.


    This is stupid. Male dolphins rape female dolphins, but this entire thing is retarded. And a dolphin’s penis is NOT long enough to wrap around any kind of appendage. If you’re going to make up shit like this at least make it anatomically correct and believable.

    Dyon 86

    No really, there was like this one dolphin and it like swam up the amazon, cos like it was on vacation and stuff, like visiting it’s river relatives and like after swiming about a few thousand kilometers upriver it see’s this dude in a treehouse and gets all horney like and then it reaches out
    it’s prehensile cock thing and grabs this dude in the treehouse and get this …
    the treehouse was like 2 km away from the river!
    It’s true look at the map!!!


    This may be true and it may be false. The only certainty here is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’m shooting every dolphin on sight. Prevention is the key!


    wow.. brainless fuck who made this haven’t seen pussy and will never see pussy in real life… ever