Losing with Class

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Maria Menounos bet against the Giants winning the Super Bowl.

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    tiki god

    luckily these aren’t the super high resolutions ones that I saw floating around earlier, I would have posted them myself, but I have no clue who the woman is, and frankly she’s not all that hot to me.

    The super high rez ones though, youch, you can see her lady bits all right out there, that white bikini bottom is pretty damn see through when you’re looking at it through a 20gbs camera lense.


    As it was probably 40 degrees Fahrenheit that day in Manhattan, I’m betting that sequin top was deliberate.

    fracked again

    Oh no, she got her picture in a bikini plastered all over the free world! What is a spokesmodel/actress to do?


    too bad she didnt flash her vajayjay like she did here: beautyinthedirt.tumblr.com/post/2619978813/maria-menounos-pussy-slip


    Her team lost and she had to suffer through millions of dollars worth of free publicity – life sucks, doesn’t it?

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