That Look.

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Pony hatred.

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    “guard me fluttershy”

    “If I don’t come back, tell Pinkie I loved her.”


    “I’ll string up every last damn one”


    I am really tired of ponies.

    I have looked for a way to filter out all posts by tyarannopony, and not found anything.

    Do I need to give up on MCS, or is there a way to filter this crap so I don’t have to deal with it?


    Just a quick greasemonkey script I put up that filters casemods and tyarannopony. Does not selectively filter ponies but I’ll add users as they start to annoy me. It should be sufficient to add this as a new user script in greasemonkey. // ==UserScript== // @name MCS Hide fucks // @namespace mcs // @description Hide fucker posters on mcs // @include* // @include* // ==/UserScript== var score; var factor; var text; var div; var divs = document.getElementsByTagName( ‘div’ ); for ( var i = 0; i = 0 ) score += 1; if ( text.indexOf( “casemods” ) >=… Read more »


    hmm. it seems I should’ve used code tag:

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name MCS Hide fucks
    // @namespace mcs
    // @description Hide fucks in posts of mcs
    // @include*
    // @include*
    // ==/UserScript==

    var score;
    var factor;
    var text;

    var div;
    var divs = document.getElementsByTagName( 'div' );

    for ( var i = 0; i = 0 ) score += 1;
    if ( text.indexOf( "casemods" ) >= 0 ) score += 1;

    // if score is bigger than zero, hide the div
    if ( score > 0 ) { = "none";


    Still not good. Just get it here:


    Thank you mysterious stranger!
    I kept meaning to write this myself, but I was enjoying reading the butthurt comments too much. Page 2 has no content now!


    Page 2 and 3 have no posts, still this will at least make it bearable enough for me to hang around for a while. But, Tiki needs to take a bigger interest in his site if he doesn’t want it to die a slow lingering death. Dying site means less ad revenue.


    we welcome everypony


    Even 9gag is better this fucking herd of ponnies. Seriously, what must new visitors think? “Oh, it’s just a fucking My Little Pony site”.


    I’ve checked M[C]S regularly since I joined in what, 2005? We used to have “theme days” on the first of each month where every post would be, for example, Natalie Portman. If you didn’t like the theme of the day, just come back tomorrow. Usually if there’s something I’m not interested in I just scroll right past. For too long now I’ve just scrolled entire pages. Hell if I’m going to try to explain to someone why I’m scrolling down page after page of My Little Pony pictures. Not just that, but where’s the content that’s kept me coming back… Read more »


    Tiki, I would welcome those auto-playing video’s over the pages upon pages of pony bullshit.


    Seriously what is wrong with this site ? No capt’n on board ?


    the capt went over board with the beer, he has not been the same rrrrrr


    Why not just rename the damn site to MyConfinedPonySpace and stop pretending like it’s anything else? Fuck it, I’m out. I might check back in a month or so and see if this site is still non-stop pony shit 24/7. No point in letting him get ad money for me checking the site when I don’t like what I’m seeing and I’m scrolling pages of pony shit I don’t care about. Vote for no ponies by stopping his ad-revenue stream.


    This endless fucking pony spam bullshit is ruining MCS, and it needs to be stopped. Really. I’ve been a regular visitor to MCS several times day for the last couple of years but this MLP fanwank shit is putting me off coming at all.

    I’ll take the ponies over the liberal propaganda bullshit and Demon’s pathetic posting for attention garbage that has been ruining this site for a long time.

    Hell one stupid cunt even cried about the hot women being posted.

    If there is a Pony filter then I want a faggot filter.

    Professor Ratbaggy

    Thank goodness… it’s not just me, then.  I thought M[C]S bandwidth was an issue?  Banning these ponies (or, at least, restricting to one a day) is going to make a world of difference.


    wow, so much immature kids, can’t you accept that some people like something you don’t?

    you don’t care if it’s good art or a witty joke “ITS PONY SO ITS CANCERRRR”

    grow up


    Cartoons aimed at 4 year old girls are off topic for a site such as this where posts include all sorts of adult things such as blood, porn, etc. I’m sure there are a thousand pony fan sites, if you feel the need to look at ponys, . On the other hand this is an adult escape for me. My daughter is four, loves ponies, and when she is sick the TV plays ponies every hour she is awake courtesy of Netflix. I’m annoyed that one of my few adult refuges from kid shit was invaded and I literally… Read more »