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    It was actually kind of nice to see all the cyber-powers that we get paranoid about abusing their power stand up to people who actually plan to seek and abuse power. I do believe Cyanide and Happiness had one of the most well-articulated anti-sopa/pipa messages that I’ve read today. To quote the part that made me nod in agreement to an empty room:

    “Without user content portals like NewGrounds and YouTube, the Internet becomes just another mainstream media outlet, instead of the wild proving ground of ideas that allows regular people like us to find a large audience.”


    ^ this indeed.
    … and IF that shit passes, we might as well go to North Korea for free internets.


    lol this is from my facebook. i cropped it and then deleted the full sized one


    What’d’ya think Tiki? Your site only exists from *ahem* borrowed images. Do we have to start creating original content? I honestly dont understand the big fuss. Like C&Hs quote: “Without user content portals like NewGrounds and YouTube, the Internet becomes just another mainstream media outlet, instead of the wild proving ground of ideas that allows regular people like us to find a large audience.” The user content portals can still exist, they will just need to be monitored. Thats a good thing, more jobs, less copy pasta. Everyones a winner. We need something ‘like’ SOPA/PIPA if we plan on earning… Read more »


    wow nice troll. Good job sir.


    That ^.
    On the whole blackout thing, it would have deeper impact (and was more “true”), if it was done as soon as ACTA surfaced.


    Delete that quote from C&H.

    Stealing is bad. Hypocrite.


    Quotes isnt stealing you sausage. Typical internet response, a billion red thumbs but no real case against…. I have not heard one good case, that doesnt come up with bullshit – did you see the oatmeal gif? F’in ridiculous. Less Oprah copy pasta is a good thing. Imagine a MCS with ONLY original content. I am fully aroused. Imagine all the casemods pics? That guy is hawt. I am inclined to think its only the big corps (utube etc) that are stirring all the shit up over sopa – because for once they would have to be responsible for their… Read more »

    fracked again

    I’ve seen blogs with a high readership get shut down from nuisance lawsuits placed by copyright lawyers for the crime of quoting a newspaper. They couldn’t afford to get a lawyer or go through a lawsuit. It doesn’t matter if it is fair use. PIPA/SOPA just lets people file a complaint and the website is blocked.


    The power in the act are too far reaching. Several well know internet experts actually feel the act is a threat to job creation.
    This is what Google has complied, included in their graphic is a list of credible sources including Vint Cerf, one of the founder of the internet

    Luke Magnifico

    Hang on everybody, let’s reconsider for a moment our vehement resistance to SOPA/PIPA.

    It could mean an end to ponies on MCS.

    Think about it.


    Yesss see!

    No ponies.

    Moar Casemods.

    What could go wrong?


    Seriously? if you have such a hard on for casemods why don’t you deal with him directly, dont bring us in between your shit.


    Whoa there someone is sensitive about his ponies! Casemods greys in comparison to you and your stylish gowns…. seriously where did you get it? Is it a gown or a smoking jacket? Really though what is the issue with more OC and less copy pasta? Im sick of seeing the same old shit on MCS / reddit… we can do better.. how many people have digital cams and photoshop? Ive seen a ton of original content on here from regular users, and all Tiki needs to do is monitor all submissions – which I suspect already happens to a degree… Read more »


    I get that shit needs to be more creative and more user content wise, i actually approve of stuff like that. I know Casemods is fairly smart at what he does, but he takes things to far. Even to some degree you must agree, Despite your visual affection and your desire for user created content, you would see the “holier than thou” attitude. So basically you are saying that instead of fighting for some justice, because we all know it’s not only about Piracy. You rather sit back and let people bend their way to find an alternate route for… Read more »


    Seriously though where did you get that gown?


    Your thinking of SOPP. Stop Obnoxious Pony Posts. It has widespread support on MCS.


    If SOPA will result in all of the fucking pony posts on this site being censored… I fully support it.


    that’s the thing, if there is a frequent amount of copyright violations then they will shut down MCS.


    But its cool because Tiki will monitor submissions and stop any violations.

    That does still happen right?


    So if you post a pic of Batman, Warners will shut the site down. If you post a pic of anything copy righted, it would have to be deleted. Since people can own their likenesses, any pics of models or actors would be gone too.
    All that would be left are ponies and anon comments. I don’t want to see that MCS.


    The ponies are also copyrighted. Only the posts from casemods will be left. We will be left with “my confined casemods”.

    Worse still, we will have to wait for casemods to attract a girlfriend before we can have porn again.

    That’s a pretty bleak future, my friend.


    pony blackout!!!




    fuck all of you. more tits!


    What he said!


    Everytime you touch yourself SOPA/PIPA wins.


    That’s hot… what are you wearing?


    Not much.