How to get a show cancelled

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    so true LOL 😛 but she’s still hot 🙂


    she’s hot, but i hate that space show she’s on.


    The vast majority of all television shows are cancelled. Very few run a full course. Or, you’re an asshole. Pick one.


    There’s a host of hard-working actors and actresses out there whose shows are cancelled. Why pick on Summer? The fact is, you as wells as many sites, love to use Summer Glau’s name to get visitors. Shame on you. Will not visit your site again.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why use Summer Glau as an example? Because she starred or featured in Firefly, Dollhouse and T:TSCC, all of which were relatively high-profile shows popular with this site’s key demographic before being cancelled by Fox.

    That is why.


    most of the pics here aren’t made by the posters themselves so wtf are you bitching about?


    Maybe it says more about Summer than the show.


    I don’t know. Firefly made it through an entire first season (which is a feat these days) and Sarah Conner Chronicles survived two. I can’t vouch for doll house. I saw one episode and thought it sucked.


    You’re right, Sarah Conner Chronicles was dire and sucked ass.

    Luke Magnifico

    Dollhouse had a few really good episodes, but for the rest of the time nothing really happened.

    I liked Terminator.


    That’s true, with a “but”
    Fourteen episodes were made, but Fox cut the season short, skipping episodes 11, 12, and 13.


    I don’t think Firefly ran for even one season…


    Firefly ran for most of a season. 4 episodes were not aired.

    Fox shoots an amazing number of sci-fi shows, many of them are good, some are great, but Fox ALWAYS cancles them due to bad ratings. Ratings that are bad because they constantly change air times(worse not advertising it) preempting it for sports (because nerds like sports), and so on.

    They’ve done it with ever show they’ve ever had.


    Well, I’m accustomed to season being 20+ episodes, so maybe you’re right.


    Space: Above & Beyond. Best sci-fi war drama EVAR, cancelled by Fox.

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