coping religions

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    This is why I can’t support organised religion… Not that I couldn’t support the concept of a God, but every religion is so similar to every other one that it’s hard to have faith in a specified set of rules and disregard all other rules put forth by other religions that essentially have the same ideals / morals.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Don’t worry it’s bullshit. Horus wasn’t crucified, wasn’t dead for 3 days, his mother wasn’t a virgin though she was fucked with her husband’s second penis after he was chopped up and reassembled, no star or angels to be found anywhere for Horus, Oannes walked on water not Horus and it was a metaphor for the tides, and ya…its all bullshit in that picture.

    I’d wager the others are just are bullshit.

    See this is when libefag bullshit reeks so bad. You thought they’d blown your mind but it’s all lies.


    While this is true, defending Christianity against the notion that most of their traditions and stories are “borrowed” from pre-Christ (and pre-abrahamic, for that matter) belief systems is like defending Carlos Mencia against the notion that he steals jokes. You’ll find your bullshit claims, sure, but if you stick to those guns you’ll still be wrong far more often than you’re right. Is it a “liberal fag conspiracy full of lies” if I try pointing out that the story and timing of Jesus’ supposed birth is the same date as the timing and astronomical activity of the Winter Solstice (a… Read more »


    That’s what this image is trying to show – not that ‘Christianity ripped off these other dudes,’ but that ‘Christianity ripped off celebrations of the Earth and Sky’ and made them about one guy you should worship and give money to.” Dude, the image IS trying to say Christianity ripped off other religions. That’s the whole punchline. The image says nothing of “earth and sky” celebrations. You imposed your own meaning there. Next, the whole Jesus being born on the 25th isn’t even in the Bible. As I understand it, the whole Christmas thing came when Christians tried to evangelize… Read more »


    That CS Lewis thing is just painful to read. “Christianity is a myth and a fact, and a culmination of all previous myths. I guess he includes newer religions in that (or perhaps those could similarly improve on Christianity?).

    CS Lewis is just saying words, speculating, and using his writer’s knack to make up additions to the bible (How very Catholic).

    Are you honestly convinced by what Lewis says? Does it not bother you that he’s getting so close to disregarding the first commandment in his theology?


    I’ll sacrifice a cow over this.


    Cartoonist: Y U No Know Your Mythologies?


    Regardless how wrong this picture is, I think most of us can agree that the Jesus myth wasn’t very special.

    Apparently Christians are fairly easy to impress, though.


    The “born of a virgin” claim predates christianity by so much, you’d think they could’ve come up with something more mythologically unique. Like if he’d had golden penis. Oh, wait, Horus did that already. Well, just something that the competition hadn’t done yet …


    If anybody passing through here really wants to seriously get down into what this comic touches on, they can pick up an inexpensive book titled, “The Case For The Real Jesus,” by Lee Strobel. That would only be for those who are still open-minded, of course. Otherwise the small cost and a few hour’s read would be too much. It would not be something I’d expect someone to read if they for some personal reasons wished that Jesus remained an unknown for them – a person unexamined, and by default left as a maybe historical , maybe not man. If… Read more »


    If Lee Strobel can be judged by his book “The Case for Christ,” then he is a very dishonest person. I’d rather not waste any more time on another liar for Jesus.


    You did read that? Cool. You had an open mind enough so to make that effort; so good on you there, korinthian. Ok, scrap Strobel then. ..The google machine 🙂 offers up, for free, rather instant & detailed analyses *of the notion that Jesus* of the New Testament “gospel books” [of] Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – disciple John’s and Peter’s impressions too, after the fact, in their letters (total of five) *was a crafted falsehood of copied aspects of pagan (non Hebrew) religions.* The struggle goes both ways on the internet, but several Christian apologists do take this accusation… Read more »


    When do they ever *not* land on Jesus’ side of the issue? Apologetics has offered nothing new for hundreds of years. As it is, there’s no proof that the gospels are written by the people they’re named after. Heck, even the very best apologetics you can find can’t even defend theism, only deism.

    Barry Barcrest

    Christmas isn’t cannon and true believers should not celebrate it, it’s just fan fiction.