I used to be an Adventurer…

Arrow knee tat.jpg (73 KB)

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    Oh, come the hell on.
    This meme is like only a month old ffs.

    tiki god

    some people like having tattoos that don’t age well.


    I hate you.


    that better be a temp tatt or a shoop. it’s either “im an idiot and desperate for attention so i tattooed a short lived internet joke on my body” or a temp tatt/shoop.


    It doesn’t look as raw as a normal tattoo would, it’s a temp


    its a real tat. you’re a moron. and so is the moron that got the tat.


    Visually, it’s perfectly simple/non-referential enough so that, 10 years from now, when someone who’s forgotten the meme (or was never in on it in the first place) asks what it is, the wearer can make up whatever story he/she likes.
    OTOH, if were something like “ALL UR BASE R BELONG 2 US”, or the Dramatic Chimpmunk…they’d enjoy permanent residency in Dorktown until they got the fucker removed.


    I honestly don’t even get why this is a meme in the first place. It’s not funny. It’s a perfectly reasonable line for a town guard to say in an epic fantasy video game. If any Skyrim guard line were to catch on like this, I would’ve thought it would be the one about Hammerfell warriors and their curved swords. Curved. Swords.

    T.G. Fisher

    Anyone who would do that to their body needs a real arrow between their eyes.