Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth extracted this AM. Two top teeth fully intact, bottoms were impacted and had opened up my gums in a bunch of tiny pieces. Missing real substancy food already. Not a lot of pain so far just soreness but I have been using the Ibuprofen they gave me.

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    tiki god

    get ice things to help with the swelling. I simply cannot emphasize this enough. when I had mine out, holy fuck, the swelling was horrible and that’s what hurt the worst.

    oh god, it hurt so much.


    i iced the shit out of my face when i got mine out over the summer. didn’t get to keep the teeth, but minimal swelling. the worst for me was when i would drink cold fluids. exposed roots and said fluids don’t mix well.


    I don’t remember mine hurting all that much (all four had to be broken up and removed, two at a time). What I do remember was the taste of blood in my mouth for days afterwards kept me on the edge of nausea the whole time, and waking up in the morning having drooled bloody slobber all over my pillow all night long.

    tiki god

    yeah, I puked blood on my way back home from the event, I apparently swallowed too much and had a rough time coming down from the ‘get yo ass high’ drugs they had me on


    Only IB? They gacve me vikes. Didn’t use them though. Dont like pills that much. Ended up with dry socket since I figured I could drink a milkshake.


    suck on popsicles- they help the swelling, and drink chicken broth. the saltiness helps a lot.


    They gave me percocet for mine which I augmented with southern comfort. I don’t remember too much pain.


    feel better..had 8 teeth pulled out in one go, 4 of them being wisdom teeth. Mashed potatoes are good and easy to swallow, btw.


    I’ve only had one pulled out, the other [upper] one is facing the cheek, but no discomfort yet. Plus, it helps when I store food in my cheeks like parakeets and just chew it sideways.


    I had all four pulled the same day. Three were impacted. I lost feeling to the left side of my bottom lip forever. (Damaged nerve. I signed a waiver.) I have lost my ability to whistle forever as well.


    Been there. All four impacted, my dad was too cheap to spring for anything more than novacaine despite the surgeon’s recommendation. They just told me to bring a cd-player and crank the volume and ignore the pressure on my jaw and skull when they were doing things. Fortunately the surgeon was awesome, I had very little swelling and was on solid foods the next day. I also had four bicuspids pulled using only novacaine, but that was about a year before the wisdom teeth. So I’m down 8 teeth. :-\