Herman Goering

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…tell them that they are being attacked, and to denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.

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    Yeah, it was so ridiculous when the British went to war with the ridiculous excuse that the Nazis were attacking England and trying to conquer Europe.

    Churchill should’ve listened to the pacifists. After all, German is such a beautiful language…


    The Field Marshal was talking about how easy it was to fabricate a war, not saying that all wars are fabricated. That’s a straw man argument.

    The OP’s point is valid, that one must be sure that threats are real before acting. In Britain’s case the threats were real. In Germany’s case the threats were fabricated by the NSDAP.


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    Can Godwin’s law kick in at the original post or do you have to wait on the comments?


    This piece of shit cheated the hangman of his due.

    Pretty sure the rise of fascism was a response to an economic attack Germany had endured since the end of WW1 but hey…he forgot the part about the winners writing history to suit their perspective.

    Largely true, unless you consider if such an economic attack was justified? Based on the repercussions for war in modern history (at that time), it clearly was not. Germany was treated extremely poorly, especially considering the realative positions of their military compared to the allies.

    What Germany did learn was there could be no half measures. War must be total and complete, and every citizen is a legitimate military target, because they full the economy, which fuels the war.

    That is a lesson we have forgotten in the west.

    german apologists. you cant make this stuff up.
    oh, the civil war? it was about “state’s rights” not “slavery.”


    ….And the reason this works is that sometimes it’s true.