If a man has an apartment stacked to the ceiling with newspapers we call him crazy.

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    I’ll agree with this when I can pay my mortgage with last weeks newspapers.


    LOL well said . . .


    Actually, you can – recycled paper is going for very good rates these days.


    I imagine 3.6 trillion newspapers would bring more than enough to pay your mortgage.


    You gotta wonder if this message could have been put across without all the window dressing & stupid toothy bear face.


    I’m guessing someone stuck the Radiohead bear on there since their early 2000’s era artwork was all about the ever-growing corporate consumption of humanity. Or something.


    “…hoard so much cash…” You know how I know you’re poor and you’ll always, always be poor? Because your idea of who rich people are and how they behave (and how they became rich) comes from Scrooge McDuck comics. So let’s make it clear: rich people have very little cash. They have lots of properties. They have tons of investments, but very little cash. Because the main reason they are rich is that they make their money work for them. Every single cent of it. So the notion that the money rich people have is somehow taken out of he… Read more »


    Hoarding cash? How stupid are you people. There is no finite sum of money. Why can’t you retards get this concept? There is not some bucket of money that rich people run up to first and reach in and take it all. If you go to work you CREATE wealth. I love though, that you idiots just think money comes out of the clear blue sky magically and the rich have a special unicorn that prances on rainbows to get it and keep if from the “little” guys. If you think that the rich “hoard” cash I can tell you….WITHOUT… Read more »


    Oh my god you are stupid. “Don’t like that example. I’ll dumb it down for you. The App industry. Wham! Billion dollar industry didn’t exist even 4 years ago. Wealth is created by hard work, innovation, industry and personal expenditure of effort. But whoever wrote this clearly doesn’t get that. It’s just easier to demand that your neighbor empty his pockets.” plus.. Rich people don’t hoard money!!!!!!! they work hard for it!!! give me a break you dilusioned asshat. This shows the most basic missunderstanding of economics and the problems created by wealth divides I have ever seen. From your… Read more »


    Wealthy individuals aren’t really whats wrong with the economic system. Over seven hundred trillion (700,000,000,000) in derivatives is. The central banking system that makes all of our money an expression of debt not wealth is.

    Capitalism is not the problem. Crony Capitalism is


    Wealthy individuals that are manipulating our system to their own ends and the detriment of society in general ARE THE PROBLEM wealthy politicians that are giving our national wealth away to their corporate sponsors are also the problem. There are plenty of wealthy individuals who are decent folks, but there are plenty more who aren’t.


    What about the poor who contribute nothing to society?