1 person dies and 100 million cry

1 person dies and 100 million cry

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    He help improve the lives of millions of people. He did so by working his ass off.
    niggers do shit that’s why they always die of starvation, NIGGERS DON’T WORK
    it’s the sad truth


    George Washington Carver


    George Washington Carver had no time for “niggers.” He was an extremely hardworking and educated black man, who had no more in common with “niggers” then Benjamin Franklin.


    One of them contributed to society.


    1 million didn’t even get a chance


    Well said


    Every person has a chance to improve their station. Assuming they live past early childhood. Sadly some don’t, but the reality is that some die.

    But the facts are some people secured for themselves and their posterity, picked up themselves (sometimes physically walking across continents), and other people have for generations done nothing to improve their lots in life.


    So what I am saying is that every shitbag that lived long enough to fuck and produce those children, had a chance.


    It’s more simply a million people is a statistic, it’s not tangible than say an individual who you could have met and seen his individual work. To meet a million people would be hard and to see their individual work would be hard as well.


    Steve Jobs was really innovative in stealing ideas, making it look pretty, then reselling it at a higher price.


    He did all that, but he was a great salesman. He knew how to keep reintroducing basically the same product over and over and keep em buying.

    I’ve never owned an iAnything myself though.


    There’s a large and very NATURAL difference between people’s reactions over a person they recognize and can associate with dying and a faceless person they’ve never seen before on the other side of the planet dying.


    Let’s be honest here: how many people literally cried when Jobs passed?


    A lot of people actually


    “One death is a tragedy.A million a statistic.”Joesph Stalin

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