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    we need to kill all surfers now


    Yeah, because only christians are gunwankers, especially in the good ole U. S. of A.

    Also, I always thought THIS is what a militant atheist looks like:


    Oh boy, you’re one of those.

    Google your poor argument.


    Yeah, I know, I’m easy to troll before lunch 😉


    So true, because there are so many militant Christians in the world, gunning people down going and coming. Happens all the time, I tell ya. Can’t go outside without one hunting them. Not that atheists go outside very often according to this poster, as they are always trolling the internet while eating hot pockets and shooting 5 Hour Energy. But if they did you can bet a militant Christian would be there, hiding behind a burning bush just for the chance to off them. Much like Bugs Bunny though, the crafty atheists elude the militant Christian by using only their… Read more »

    tiki god

    fucking hot pockets, thanks for reminding me, I need to buy more.


    Gave this one some thought while sitting on the porcelain throne and it seems to me that militant atheists don’t sit back and troll as that’s not hard nor original nor particularly controversial. I think a militant atheist is one who sues everyone over the imagined persecution of those horrible Nativity scenes, Christmas Trees, and crosses that have been in place for so long they have little if any religious meaning but are rather landmarks.

    Still not as militant as pointing a double-barreled shotgun at people, but you know, baby steps.

    fracked again

    Yes. Militant atheists are the ones that try to get people to follow constitutional protections against the establishment of religion. Damn atheists, protecting the Constitution. They are such bad people.


    Jesus trumps the constitution. With a greater power on your side, everything is permissible and excusable.


    Which part of the constitution do you mean, exactly?


    whuts a constatushin?


    “…0r prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Why do anti-religion bigots always reference the Constitution, but at the same time seem to think that the Government at every level is empowered to interfere with any expression of religious belief if someone, somewhere may potentially be offended by that expression of religious belief?

    Bigoted atheists stomp on the Constitution the same as any other group of bigots.

    Have an Evil day


    In your view, does freely exercising your religion allow you to impede other people’s rights?

    Do you think it is right for the state to favor certain religions? Like say, schools making your child pray to Allah once or twice a day? Would your answer be different depending on what the majority of the people in USA believed in?

    Please give an example or two of atheists tramping on the constitution. I’d be very interested to hear about it since you usually need power to do that kind of thing.


    Considering Atheists love of logic – its funny Militant Agnostic has the only rational response.


    How’s sticking your head in the ground more rational than debating?


    Pol Pot was a militant atheist.


    Cool, I didn’t know he had a computer.