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    We need to glass them


    “It’s these flags, they hate these flags!” – paraphrasing Steve Martin in “The Jerk.”


    Yesssss, the extremists represent the entire religion. Just like every Christian is like those Westboro douchebags.


    Well, let us compare and contrast, shall we? The Westboro Loons are not members of ANY of the Baptist Organizations even though they call themselves “Baptist”, nor do they receive funding or support from any other Christian Organization. When those Idiots killed those Abortionists and Blew Up the Clinics, many Christian Organizations assisted in the apprehension of the Guilty Parties up to offering rewards. Again, the “Extremists” received no Aid or Support from the “Mainstream”, quite the opposite in fact. The Muslim “Extremists” on the other hand DO receive Aid and Support from the “Main Stream” Mosques. Can you name… Read more »


    You can see Jewish and Christian protests just as violent in that part of the world, and just as many acts of terrorism incited by them there. It’s not the religion, it’s the part of the world and the culture that’s grown up there.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Your stupid fat ass has probably never left the tiny little burg your poor as shit white trash parents shat you out in so shut the fuck up.

    Muslims are the shit of the earth. I know tonnes and they all think women are property or currency and would all take out every non Muslim if they thought they could.

    Get over your fucking brainwashing you useless retard.


    *Yawn* Too obvious. -10000 troll points.


    The American state does enough murdering on its own without any extremist splinter group needing to get involved. Seeing as how the Christian Right seek to end the separation between Church and State, it can be said that every drone attack, every land mine explosion, every degraded Bagram prisoner, has been attacked in the name of a Christian god.


    I’d also like to point out something: What’s pictured is flags being burned. If you consider that “violent”, you’re way too sensitive. I’d like you to show me where the “main stream” mosques supported or even approved of terrorism by the Islamic extremist groups…


    By the way, about ready to fucking ditch this site. Sound ads that I can’t auto-mute and can’t adblock without completely breaking the site on my end? Not fucking cool, Tiki. I don’t mind the text or image ads. The sound ones have got to fucking go.

    At the end of the day all we can really say is white people are better than everybody else.

    No? What do you say when you meet a well spoken non white person? Are they acting more…or less…white?

    aaaand thank you


    Muslims are the problem………and that’s IT.


    dumb fucking america.. you are all useful idiots. thats why your elite keeps fucking your day in and day out and you take it. morons.


    I think the word you’re looking for is: useless, you fucking retard, at least get your fucking sentences right if you’re trying to insult us

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