Zombie Apocalypse

the-object-to-your-left-is-weapon-of-choice.jpg (70 KB)

I thought this was so good it deserved a repost

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    *clicks link*

    My U.N.T. coin cup? The coins inside? The stress ball on top of those? My sunglasses? My scissors? My tiny-glow-in-the-dark-statue-of-Buddha?


    A binocular microscope complete with illuminated stand.


    Ugh, if you had said to the right it would be my Glock. To the left is my cell phone, which considering AT&T’s coverage and reliability in the best of times, will do me no good during the zombie apocalypse for sure.


    A pillow


    Cell phone and video card


    A medium Dr. Pepper from Burger King. I WILL NOT BE DEHYDRATED!!!!!!!… … … much.


    a small metal pipe bomb. Good only once.


    …..a notebook.


    Pack of Excel gum…. GG


    Why that one? My other dildos are much larger by! Oh… *shuts up*


    Either a lava lamp, small computer speaker or knife.

    I think ill go with the lava lamp.


    A wall


    Same here, we should team up.


    coffee cup…… what the hell. That’s not fair!


    a quart mason jar half full of water. bring it!


    the finger is pointing to a dead pixel. i’m not sure what i’m supposed to do with that.

    Luke Magnifico

    The corner of the couch?

    I don’t think the couch will be an adequate weapon, it will only make the zombies more comfortable.


    the girl in the cubicle next to me. i wish her luck.


    Swing her wildly over your head while screaming “Loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo.” Do this even if the Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t happen.


    a sandwich, guitar amp or compound bow. tough choice, this is a fucking good sandwich!


    Another student. Maybe I can feed him to the zombies while I make my escape.


    Acoustic guitar.


    haha lucky me. My handgun lol


    A new sim card. FUUUU


    HP printer, oh brother.


    A Kitten!


    LOL!!! By chance it happened to be a GSG-5 with a 100 rnd mag… I just got back from the range. Granted, it’s a .22 so, it’s probably better as a club…


    .22s can still fuck up the brain pretty well


    My work desktop, but behind me on my left is my Kill Bill swords. I’ll go with that.


    a box of crayons, a copy of pokemon black and a 600ml measuring jug full of jack and coke.


    small pocket knife, socks or lamp. i’m rolling with the lamp.


    we should have more of these because it’s fucking hilarious. well mine’s Ethyl Alcohol, a stack of black cds, a dental floss and a speaker. I’m not McGyver so I don’t have any idea on what should I do with these.


    SQL Book. guess i get to build a server tracking the movements and create a movement prediction system. Good enough i guess. :/


    My dog or a Buffalo Bills blanket. I’m doomed.


    To my left? A luxo-style desklamp.

    To my right. Samurai Sword and a bottle of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.



    Why is it ALWAYS my fiancée?


    ….a brush. Welp at least they will have nicely brushed hair. You HAVE seen their hair right? Had I read this at home it would have been a lighter.


    wow, actually something useful… technically I have nothing but open air to my left but if I lift my arm and point, I end up pointing directly at the baseball bat that sits behind the front door across the room….



    score! 8)


    Believe it or not, the object to the immediate left of my monitor is a GAU 8A 30mm cannon shell. (I got it from a friend at Los Alamos that works in the “Energetic Materials Research” section.) If I can just get the zombies to line up, I can take out a couple hundred with the DPU penetrator before it runs out of inertia!

    Oh, wait. I need something to fire it from, don’t I? Damn…


    A sexy tshirt model! SCORE!


    Coffee Cup…..


    I’ve got a choice: coffee cup or wicker basket.


    Metal Mountain Dew Bottle full of pennies It has the Squid art its about 8lbs not the worst bludgeoning tool


    My bed.
    I’m going to fuck them to death.


    Left hand: Half empty Mike’s hard lemonade bottle
    Immediate left: Sleeping cat, nicknamed little bastard. Declawed.
    On the couch that is to my left but not quite in reach. Double Barreled 12 gauge/AR15 M4 carbine style/Motorcycle Helmet…

    Guess that cat is gonna have to do.


    A pair of lazy, pet rats.
    Rats will eat just about anything, so I suppose I could just throw them at zombies and hope they gnaw them to death?


    £6.90 in shrapnel and a network router…well it’s been fun.


    my left hand?


    A Poinsettia (Happy Holidays bitches).

    I hope Zombies are allergic to them or else I’m fuxxed, unless I use it to distract them while I make my way towards my Mossberg 500 Tactical Persuader 12 Gauge…might even have a few slugs left over from my last outing at the range, or else it’s home defense rounds.


    Old 15″ TFT monitor with a big socket.

    Could be better but could also be much more worse.


    An empty aquarium… guess it could be worse?


    A face hugger….wait a what! O.O


    the head of the last zombie that tried to fuck with me!


    My control remote… I’m dead… and turn into a zombie..

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