Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Well, I have to say, I have a big problem with THE THING remake, but I don’t have a problem AT ALL with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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    Now that’s a woman!


    I KNOW


    Technically, it isn’t a remake..


    It’s a remake of a remake. The third incantation.


    Not as such, it is a prequel, not a remake. The story in the recent film ends off at the exact spot where the 1982 version began. They even went to some trouble to get a virtually identical helicopter at the end of the 2011 film as at the beginning of the 1982 film. The relationship between The Thing and The Thing from Another Planet is however rather loose. The 1982 film is not so much of a remake as it is a sibling work, having been based on the same material that The Thing from Another Planet was based… Read more »


    I did not know that- now I’m actually looking forward to seeing it. Thanks.


    It’s something a lot of the critics didn’t seem to get. If you have seen the 1982 film you will recall that they went to the Norwegian camp to see what happened only to find the burned and charred wreckage of the camp. What the 2011 film covers is how THAT camp got to be the way that it was. If you liked the 1982 The Thing then I think you will enjoy the 2011 film. They tried very hard to make the two films sync. There were a couple of things in the 2011 film I disliked, but they… Read more »


    I think you mean “incarnation”.

    That looks very delicious.