GOP Response To Occupy Wall Street

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    all these politicians are idiots, and we as a country (United States) are screwed, and we as citizens of said country, deserve everything we get due to our laziness to not do anything about it.


    You mean they can’t get jobs keeping the protesters out?

    (yes, a rip-off of a cheech & chong skit for those of you old enough to remember them.)


    Because the GOP congress hasn’t attempted to pass one jobs bill since they took over.


    Is that what they really said? Just that? Or is that what they needed to have (pretend) said to further your narrative? Truly a simple message for … well … guess. Tea Party gets together in large numbers – big yawn, nothing to see here folks. Under report or ignore. A smaller bunch of work averse, rent-a-crowd, and urban outdoorsmen assemble and gee that is significant. Media left fall all over themselves to explain it in terms that support a myriad of favourite causes. Ask a participant why they are there “You know …coz of Bush and stuff” Narrative spin… Read more »