Protesting Cop Arrested

OWS-Lewis.jpg (133 KB)

Just another “iPad/iPhone using, Abercrombe and Fitch wearing, Wymen Studies degree from an $30,000 a year college holding, wanna leach off of people who actually work for a living” Occupy Wall Streeter.

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    He’s a cop. Of course he does nothing but “leach off of people who actually work for a living”.

    That, and beat up minorities. That’s all cops do nowadays.


    Most cops are good and work hard in a dangerous field. Just like most of the OWS protesters are peaceful and trying to make a point to the world at large. You’ve got bad apples on both sides, and it gives a black eye to each group.


    shut the fuck up.. go become a cop then you piece of shit


    What a child you are, you were schooled in objective politics and then you resort to name calling because you don’t like being wrong?

    all the cops are fat


    Why Paul, I’m honored you thought of me. For an OWSer he looks kind of clean though. Maybe he’s been spending the night at the Holiday Inn?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The Toronto one is the best. A bunch of spoiled assholes living in a socialist country have so much free time (they don’t need to work) they decide to spit in the face of the nanny state and copy what’s happening in the US. If anybody dares go into their new squatting grounds they’ll get threatened. These fucking losers are mentally feeble to deranged depending on the person and time of day. Its best to just ignore them though it would be nice to see some pictures of them being whipped or beaten.


    IDK, Paul, it sounds more like your feelings were injured than mine, but I’ll let others judge that – LOL.


    So everything you said in the thread this is responding to was just played for a laugh, and you’re admitting that you shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    What a fucking loser.

    I bet all his former coworkers are sitting around wondering when exactly he lost his mind.

    OWS and the ‘protests’ like it are such a joke.

    Washington state or somewhere in the NW


    More veterans are joining in the OWS protests, I don’t see why the police should be any different. I think you have the right to be rich, but you don’t have the right to rip the rest of us off to do it. Corporations have to lose the tax breaks, and we have to deny them any more bailouts. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are going to be the next bailouts, just posted billion dollar losses, and somehow the CEOs got multimillion dollar performance bonuses. If we really support Free Market ideals, then we have to let these businesses sink… Read more »


    looks more like a pilot than a cop to me…