If the GOP had its way

dY6ZF.jpg (214 KB)

They see me rollin’

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    This image makes me physically ill.


    That person has a job though.


    Troll post. B.S. too, because no self respecting conservative would settle for foot power when a Kickass Hummer would do! I think the guy in the pic is a gullible tree hugger obsessing about global warming…


    Partisan politics… YAWN


    Republicans want British guys carried by women Sherpa?


    “If You Don’t Have A Job And You’re Not Rich, Blame Yourself” – Herman Cain

    I like the boots.

    How will you beat her when you’re facing the other way? Old bean your saddle is reversed. Its no wonder it takes your ape so long to get you anywhere. These mountains are treacherous and full of neegars and hippies ripe for slaughter. Quit lolly gagging.


    The free market at work.

    j mctavish

    Occupy Tibet!

    naaa….no 4G over there.


    fucking idiots. if you think liberals dont want to own you then you’re a moron deserving to be fucked by obama or the next guy that comes in. the party system is an illusion. keep protesting. see if that does any good.

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