trolling hunters

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    dude…that is so awesome…I gotta try that shit


    This sounds like fun, but I doubt it would work. Wouldn’t they notice “Hey, there’s a shitload of time missing where no pictures/recordings were taken, wtf?” How do they work, anyway? Do they just snap pictures at random time intervals?

    Eh, I guess I just don’t know. I’ll shut up now.


    You really think they’re that smart? just copy and paste the unedited picture a bunch of times to make up for the time gap


    Obviously they have some sort of crude rudimentary motion detector that’s rigged to the camera. When an animal approaches the site to feed on the laid out bait (or sometimes the camera is placed in a known migration route), the cam takes a picture.


    This actually showed up last week on the TV show ‘Fact or Faked’. I thought it was funny that their “experts” couldn’t figure out it was fake enough to not put it on the show.