happy easter

happy easter

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    This is from my local paper’s opinion section this morning. The subject is the 74 foot Christmas tree going up downtown this year. My city has decided to call it a Holiday tree instead of Christmas. Mike F. writes: “The last I looked, we were still living in a republic, with FREEDOMS like RELIGION, and rights.” (then in the same sentence he says) “Why do we as Americans have to adjust our way of life for those from other countries and cultures?” So, I have the right to believe in any religion I want, as long as his forces itself… Read more »


    Sorry dude but Christmas trees dont have much to do with religion.

    Theyre a pagan idea, made to brighten up a very cold and depressing time of year, more to do with yuletide than baby Jesus. But alas the Christians stole the idea, much like everthing else in their religion. Oh snap!

    Personally I like cold and depressing times of year. I also like Christmas trees.



    so jesus and the easter bunny are real?



    I’m so confused 🙁



    Thanks Dad.


    The second one’s old enough to ask is the second I’ll tell them. And no, it won’t all be the same answer.


    There is scientific proof that Jesus was a real person.