Liberal Voters

Liberal Voters

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    I’m voting for Fidel Castro.

    tiki god

    isn’t he dead yet?


    No way mang !

    fracked again

    True. We can vote for a moderate-right wing democrat or a far right republican.


    Who’s the moderate-right wing democrat? For that matter who’s the far right wing republican?

    fracked again

    … Seiously?

    fracked again



    Yeah, seriously. Are you saying someone is going to primary Obama? Because he’s a left-wing socialist so you must mean someone who might go against him in the primaries. And on the Republican side there are still five or six potentials and I am wondering which one you think is far right?



    If Obama is a socialist, almost every country in Europe is communist in comparison. Also if your definition of socialism is broad enough to include Obama it’s bound to include people like Bush. All those public schools, streets, fire, police? Yeah, didn’t start with Obama.

    fracked again

    Obama is a socialist? Can you even define the word? Kucinich is liberal. Obama is about as left wing as Reagan. Even the health care program is out of a right wing think tank, Heritage came up with it and Romney did it in Mass.

    All of the republicans running, except for Romney are far right. Romney’s affiliation changes daily. Real conservatives like Eisenhower would never stand a chance in today’s GOP.


    Obamacare is right wing creation? What color is the sky on your planet? Seriously. It’s a total government takeover of health care. Romney did the same thing but he is a RINO. Always has been and still is. He doesn’t represent conservatives at all, but we may be stuck with him.

    We can debate whether Obama is a pure socialist if you want – certainly he is a far left liberal, but comparing him to Reagan? Again, what’s the color of the sky you’re sitting under?

    fracked again

    Right now? The sky is black, with a few clouds and some stars.

    Go ahead. Google it. Heritage Foundation had been in favor of the system Obama included in the HCA since the 90s and only turned against it when a democrat pushed it. I’m not making this up. And the lefty liberals I hang out with don’t like the system Obama came up with. We wanted a single payer system, for the most part.

    You don’t like my comparison of Obama to Reagan? Fine. Obama wants to raise taxes, but has been unable to, but Reagan actually did raise taxes repeatedly. You can dislike a progressive taxation system, but it is actually conservative and traditional in that it is based on the writings of Adam Smith. You may have heard of him. He wrote The Wealth of Nations and came up with capitalism.

    But we who are actually on the left and actually understand what socialism is can tell you that Obama is not and has never been a liberal. He has always been a moderate-right wing politician on an American scale, which as dA and anon pointed out, is messed up when compared to the rest of the world.


    You really are fucking clueless. It’s amazing you put so much effort into being dumb.


    Wow, well-said, bravo.


    In the wider (far more important world) outside America, Obama would be classified as a Hard Right politician, your Republicans would be classified as, I don’t know, put simply they wouldn’t be known as Republicans, they would need to change their name to “the Oligarchists.”

    Here’s a dumb idea, you could all pressure to get Proportional Representation introduced via some kind of referendum, or maybe vote for (shock horror) a third party, for the rest of the world’s sake, preferably Ralph Nader!!!!


    Obama or the latest fruitcakes from the Right… there really a choice ?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    People care more about Obama’s inability to do anything to fix the economy in America.

    But some people are so weak the brainwashing has turned them retarded and they’ll vote for Obumfuck again no matter what. He could rape a kitten and people would make excuses for him.

    He’s like their kid now. They birthed him from their liberal agenda and even if he kills people while doing a drive by all we’ll hear is how he’s such a good church going boy.


    “People care more about Obama’s inability to do anything to fix the economy in America.”

    People overestimate what ANY president has the power to do about that. It’s Congress that has the power. And it’s the Tea Party douchebags in Congress that flat-out said they’d vote against anything Obama puts forth for no other reason than the fact Obama put it forth. That’s not “doing what’s best for our country”, that’s being sore losers and power-playing assholes.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So can we blame congress for everything George Bush gets shit on for too?

    Or is this only scape-goating for convenience when it suits your side?


    In Bush’s case, he was doing nothing to fight the party that drug everything into the shitter because he was a MEMBER of said party. Sure, the Democrats had taken control when the actual crash happened, but it was already in a death spiral at that point. It’d be kinda like blaming the guy who rushed to the controls of the plane after the pilot passed out drunk for not being able to pull up in time.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’ve said plenty of times here before that I think the Dems are a big part of the problem, too. They just are the lesser of two evils. Overall, though, the problem with this country isn’t Democrats OR Republicans. It’s Democrats AND Republicans.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So as I’ve always said don’t support either.

    But everyone thinks they’re being a part of the smarter contingent by crying about Obama after voting for him because he’s black. Let’s face it a white guy in that same scenario wouldn’t have even been nominated.

    I don’t agree the republicans drug anything into the shitter. Clinton did the most damage prior to Obama. Ask China. Oh wait they’ll tell you how dumb round eye traded all Americas jobs for slave labour beads and blankets infected with outsourcing.


    yeah seriously you obamafags.. a moderate right wing democrat? yall niggaz trollin or what?


    Get Ron Paul as the Republican candidate and I’ll strongly consider him, the rest of the GOP field are a waste of space


    I’m voting for Optimus Prime.


    If you don’t vote for Cain…….your a racist.


    My racist what?


    Just because fox new says Obama is a left wing socialist doesn’t mean its true.
    Remember fox news fought for the right to lie to their viewers and won!


    Yup. As long as they call themselves “news commentary” or “entertainment news”, they can say whatever the fuck they want.


    fuck liberals

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