the technology store

the technology store


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    elusive pic of the real nazi king!


    There was a time when Radio Shack was the technology store.

    Not today.

    That actually reminds me of an associate when I worked for Radio Shack (I was in the Training and Support Center). But he was in a 12 store (computer), and that’s an 01 store (general electronics).


    Did my one year tour and ditched. I remember talking about how bad working retail electronics was compared to everything but food service; then a former McDonalds worker informed me that, no, hearing my stories, retail electronics was definitely worse.

    Damn it.

    (learned a lot, definitely, but it’s not a type of a job I’ll ever go back to; I’ll sooner work industrial unskilled labor again, hell become a LICENSED forklift operator, than do that retail gig again)

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