Daenerys Targaryen cosplay

tumblr_lowtmxXePm1qkn2bqo1_400.jpg (65 KB)

I would say what kind of dress it is but *some* people haven’t read the books.

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    tiki god

    she has unfortunate fake boobs.

    they look good in clothing, but look unfortunately sad when they’re out of a dress.

    Kik Dogg

    And that is unfortunate, because isn’t that where you ultimately want boobs to be?


    what kind of sick fuck would down vote tiki?
    probably some fat bitch that doesn’t know her place

    fracked again

    Speaking of tit jobs that look better in clothes than out of, Bianca got another upgrade.


    Looks bad out of a dress hey Tiki??
    I refer you to some sickly sweet cake-like sauce

    tiki god

    that’s what I was referring to. please notice that in all the topless pictures they don’t move an inch from where they were in all the topped pictures.



    May I hold your dragon?


    Riiiiight. Oh, I just hate all the large, round wonderfulness of breasts when there isn’t any saggy, feels-like-a-ziplock-bag-filled-with-soup to go along with it.

    Are you kidding me?!!! She’s gorgeous!!! If you don’t agree you might wanna contemplate your own sexuality.