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    Ah. Body for life. Lift progressively heavier things and eat right for a few months and you get teh sexy. Whoduhthunk.

    bob baskins

    “I would do anything to lose 10 pounds! Except for exercising and eating healthy.”

    On a related note, I’m currently listening to Tim Venuto- Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, and it is really great. You can do this with that very reasonably.


    Ye its good, basic persistent changes toward whole foods

    Not “is it true celery actually burns calories! wow, im gunna just use acai berry and celery for 6 weeks for my bikini body!”

    6 toilet visits, 3 crying sessions and a tub of ben and jerries later – fatty gunna fat.


    These remind me of the ads for Hydroxy Cut and the like. That any schmoe without any previous expertise or willpower could get ripped like the models on the commercial. If you look at the start picture of the 1st, 3rd and 4th, those gentlemen are already fit, then eventually work to become ripped. Those guys already had (within themselves) the stuffs necessary to get to this level of fit: the willpower not to be a couch potatoe. If you could figure how to bottle that and sell it for $69.99 for a 15 day supply (and be legal unlike… Read more »


    You have to decide what you want most out of life, trust me McDonalds only loves you as long as you have disposable income. For all things in life you have to say “What do I want and how do I get it?” Make a plan and stick with it. The beauty of exercise is that so many people with proven records have already done that to help you along. Barring a terrible medical condition you can look better than you do right now if you want it enough. There will always be an excuse not to workout not to… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca That’s a good site too. I think some people are just stupid enough to believe their own bullshit and they think being fat is a) healthy and b) isn’t gross to look at. They’re of course wrong on both counts but some people can’t be reached with sense. Its sad when you see people who can’t even tie their own shoes without straining and getting out breathe. I think it should be mandatory to offer all employees anywhere 1 hour for lunch and 1 hour for exercise each day. If you don’t want to work out then keep working.… Read more »


    first guy’s head looks shooped.

    also, fuck the weight off.


    I like your attitude.


    The second guy looks legit, like he finally starting putting effort into a regimen. The rest look like pill whores.


    Get in photoshop.


    I like that working out made the second guy not need glasses anymore.

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