what are you afraid of

what are you afraid of

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    death from a headshot or a bodyshot
    or any other shot
    or explosion
    or anything else that can cause death


    That no one will fix that badly kerned text.


    That’s why I’m enlisting as Army infantry and not Marines. I actually want my equipment to work.


    Yeah I felt Army strong once. Then I got off the couch and became a Marine.

    My greaser and other jack crap works just fine. You kid, are what we call a motard.


    Army and Marines fill the same military role. Only difference is that Marines have a higher casualty count.


    Part of that is a doctronal differince.

    Marine: There are 10 guys in there that are going to fight.
    Marine thought

    Army: There are 10 guys in there that are going to fight.
    Army thought:

    Both are right, but the Army as a bigger safety factor. You can do more with 40 guys then 8. You have 8 guys and one gets shot, you have to keep rolling. you have 40 guys and you can keep rolling and treat the casualty, for an extremely rough example.


    Stepping one a mine, getting my head chopped off by terrorist, throwing a grenade wrong, getting shot by the guy behind me, getting bombed by the Airforce, being led by an incompetent fool where my whole squad dies for no season, dieing the ugliest of deaths for nothing and being ran over by a tank.

    I’d never join the Army or the Marines. First to go, always at the front? Fuck that shit.

    Coast Guard, Seals, Navy, Air Force.

    Kik Dogg



    1. Join Army.
    2. Don’t pay a cent for college.
    3. Graduate debt free.
    4. ??
    5. Profit.


    You can get free tuition getting a janitors job (or any) in a hospital… And you get better benefits… And you don’t have to carry a gun (unless you live in Detroit)…. And if you haven’t noticed college degrees aren’t really worth anything anymore. The average new grad wage is $26,000/yr. You could make more that that as a phlebotomist or sterile processor or central supply. You could be a paramedic in most states within a year and at a public school you could live comfortably with those ages and pay cash for your tuition. Start checxking your local hopital… Read more »


    You obviously have no idea what the Coast Guard does. Having sat in the same seat as the man in the photo, the back of a Stryker, I can tell you I would never fuck with a coasty, or say what they do is not extremely dangerous. Because it is., and their risk of being shot is not a lot different then mine, only they can drown then to.




    Being blown up, by an IED, an RKG-3, or the Air Force because they killed the A-10, and only fly shit and moves to damn fast.