it was good for the economy

it was good for the economy

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    Of course those who agree with the statement fail to understand that even if we burned twice as much fossil fuels as we do now for 100 years it would not even come close to poisoning the water, making the air toxic, or making the land infertile. If anything more CO2 would make crops grow faster.


    Except when you burn coal those heavy metals left over have to go somewhere. Like our drinking water. And how do you think that shit gets to the plant? Magic? Mountain top removal mining destroys clean rivers and streams. And we don’t even know how dangerous fracking is because the Bush admin told companies they dont have to tell us what they use in their chemical compounds they use to dissolve fucking rock.


    “If anything more CO2 would make crops grow faster.”

    ^There is neither a face nor a palm big enough.

    tiki god

    why are you assuming they’re talking about just CO2? heavy metal pollution and toxic dumps are also commercial by products.


    This has to be Buttforsoon – nobody else could say something like that


    Not enough racial slurs and homophobia.

    Luke Magnifico

    A while back I would have said “Fuck that, they can go live in domes on the moon”.

    But now… : |


    Oh, the things I would do in one third gravity….


    And yet, the air, land and water in the US is cleaner than it was 20, 30, 40 years ago. So, industrialization is not the death sentence some would have us believe.

    Have an Evil day


    Citation needed.


    Anon’s definition of “clean” needed.

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