The New Facebook

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    Things change. This is life. Get used to it and stop bitching, plz.


    But the new Facebook sucks…


    Facebook is a free service. Stop complaining. Wait a few days and you’ll love it, I guarantee it.


    Yeah but Netflix changed and what happened to them? Tons of people canceled their subscriptions AND their stocks plummeted. And now they want to split the company. Pfft. Qwikster.


    That’s because they raised prices.

    Facebook is free.


    I was always wondering what Facebook looked like. This is the first time I have actually seen it, I always thought there was something more to it… I personally still don’t understand the big draw. I’m in the journalism field here, radio mainly… I’ve never owned a GSM (cell) phone either nor an iPad or iPhone and I (we) still have the number one show in morning talk radio here out of Europe’s capital, Brussels. Everyone keeps telling us that were doing it wrong and that we are lagging but I feel, if it ain’t broke – why fix it.… Read more »