Artsy Fartsy Photos Of My Hometown

tumblr_lp7xodhi0j1qat7fto1_1280.jpg (274 KB)

tumblr_lmskrcFzE61qat7fto1_1280.jpg (45 KB)

tumblr_llj443BpGe1qat7fto1_1280.jpg (168 KB)

tumblr_ljrb46nao71qat7fto1_1280.jpg (227 KB)

tumblr_lhxd92AK3I1qat7fto1_1280.jpg (228 KB)

My town eats, sleeps and breaths surfing and skateboarding.


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    very nice photos 🙂


    hm. are you sure? sometimes creativity is confused with ineptitude.


    The last one is gorgeous. It looks like quicksilver. Nice find. Also I can’t help but wonder, what are the dynamics of quicksilver if you had so much of it and were surfing on it. Let’s say it could make waves, would you just sink, or would it affect the board, and if you sank how would it affect the human body, would you die from peaceful suffocation or would it have much more gruesome effects before it even got to that. Like dissolving your eyeballs and other soft tissues. If I had access to fresh corpses, that’s like the… Read more »


    i think they’re good, especially the first one, but why no pictures of skateboarding?

    also aquaman, it’s easier to troll if you aren’t named after the worst member of the Justice League.


    Santa Cruz! Gorgeous town. I dated someone from there; we went to visit one Christmas. However, I flat out refused to drive on Highway 17. I’m not suicidal.