Spot The Difference!

this is one of the many reasons that I’m not a fan of the death penalty.

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    or Georgia

    tiki god

    it’s pretty up there, too bad the people are so horrid.


    Maybe a more appropriate comparison might have been the other execution that took place yesterday over in Texas. Davis had the benefit of numerous delays and appeals and even a review by the Supreme Court. Had hundreds of supporters and activists raising hell outside the prison and thosands more around the world filing notices of protests. Was allowed to use one delaying tactic after another. At least a half dozen News Flashes following the circus as it worked it’s way to the literal 11th hour. The other in Texas was one of two men, convicted of the racists dragging death… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    I think the words you’re looking for are “plea bargain”.


    Georgia hates men with glasses?


    Funny, first time I seen the black man claiming racism in a case. Difference? Maybe better lawyers? How about this, the man he killed was a off duty police officer trying to make extra money working security at burger king, then a man comes in with a gun and starts pistol whipping someone and he gets shot doing his job. Samuel Crowe should be dead as well, Troy Davis had had 4 execution dates, and the jury was 7 blacks and 5 whites, so the race card doesn’t fly to good here. To sum up both of these horrific crimes… Read more »


    You may have just made a really good point.

    It’s hard to tell though, because I can’t take you seriously past “I seen”.


    Damn, it feels good to be an asian.


    I am beyond ashamed of the state & country I live in right now.


    oh, it’s not like many countries are much of a difference


    Judge Dreadd Bitchezz


    Yeah they recanted ..17 years later. 3 didn’t. The ones that didn’t reacant , were there ,saw him shoot Mcphail once then turn around and shoot him execution style. The supremes said at the last minute to his lawyer.” Give us something to save this man’s life”. The attorney was the shit. He had nothing new. His lawyer killed him as much as anybody. the fukkin lawyer is the one who should have been executed. And I didn’t hear any outcry for that skin from Texas, who dragged that Black man to an unrecognizable person. Most didn’t hear the full… Read more »


    Has anybody ever checked to see if a white guy was exectued, and a black guy got life? How about an asian guy and a hispanic guy? A Turkish woman and a Phillipino woman? I doubt it. But they really ought to if they’re going to throw stuff like this out there.

    David Crenshaw

    What about the woman that Troy Davis brutally shot in the face that night too? Is he innocent of that, too? That scumbag deserved to f*cking DIE. I hope hell burns extra hot for him. Too Bad. Dont live a life of crime if you dont want to pay the price.


    The person who was shot in the face that night has quite explicitly said that it was not Troy Davis who had done it.