angry jew

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    I really liked her in this film – it was such a difficult part to play.

    Jeremiah Bullfrog

    Nice troll. But just a heads up Tiki.

    You can lose the ability to use Paypal on the site if they get wind that there is derogatory or racist material being posted.

    Also really? Do you really want this?

    tiki god

    derogatory or racist?

    were you unaware that she’s jewish?


    Honestly, Tiki… I dig you and I like this site but… really?? Would it be “ok” to say “angry black, black with a gun, etc…” and not expect someone to be upset? Currently this site seems to be teetering on many people’s love/leave list what with the member bombing of the main page and all that. Just saying.


    Why do we have a no DNK theme day.


    Each in itself wouldn’t be considered derogatory, but I do see the point here. A mini-flood of not-very-flattering poses calling unnecessary attention to the actress’ religion seems to be a quite clear case of thinly veiled racism to me.


    I didn’t know. Didn’t care. Still don’t.


    Calling someone who is Jewish a Jew is not an insult anymore than calling a Christan a Christian.


    It borders on N-word privileges for those of us who aren’t religiously Jewish, just ethnically. Listen to the inflection, you get the sense of whether someone means, “you are Jewish” or “you are like a dirty Jew.”

    I’m down with Jew/Hebe/Kike, whatever, if said by friends or well-meaning people. But it’s plainly evident when a troll is trolling the word “jew” as derogatory.