vending machines

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    Most of the people killed by vending machines were crushed by the machine when they shook it to get stuck product out, and it fell on them. So they weren’t so much killed by the machines as their own stupidity and greed.


    Next week on discovery: Stupidity and Greed week!

    Actually, I bet you could make a whole month about that.

    tiki god

    I’m pretty sure there’s several channels dedicated to that kind of thing. HSN, MTV, et al


    If your shaking the machine to get your candy out, how is that greed? FYI, calling the number on the machine does nothing. (I’m not disputing the stupidity of the situation, just saying that trying to get what you paid for isn’t greed)


    If you’re risking your life for a piece of candy instead of just walking away – that’s greed.


    Normally I’d agree, but: Many a times have I seen a deserted snack, lodged between the front glass panel and a pesky shelf. The buyer wasn’t determined enough to try and take his rightful product. Instead of risking being out-of-line and tackling the machine or something similar they accept the loss and walk away. And that’s where a crafty person steps in, not afraid to reap the free deliciousness of deserted snacks. Those people deserve the reward, for their cunning and inventiveness. You’d have to be an idiot to actually get the machine to crush you. Those people who get free snacks are anything but idiots. Don’t mistake the two.


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