private property

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    tiki god

    how would they know who was a paying customer?


    Part of my amazing adventure of broadening my horizons with the culture of Los Angeles was seeing my first public restroom wired to only open if the cashier entered a keycode from the register (it was at a Burger King in Culver City, right off Venice Blvd).

    tiki god

    is this a serious problem? people that need to pee, but are forced to buy a big mac / whopper to get to the pisser?


    Well, it was probably to curb vandalism (graffiti all over the outside windows) or crazy homeless folks smearing poo all over the walls (a frequent denizen of this specific corner by my workplace I referred to as “Street Jesus” as he always wore a Crown of Thorns made of pipe cleaners and preached to the nearby trees).


    Give me your receipt and I let you out.


    Give me my iPhone with a fully charged battery and I can break that record.

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