those white circles in films

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FTW fight club

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    Kik Dogg



    “In the industry we call them ‘cigarette burns’…”


    Worked in projection booths for ten years; never once heard them called that. Of course, I worked mostly in multiplexes with platter film-handling systems –no changeover required. In the older places I got to make a few of them myself with a weird little cutting tool designed for the task. And no, I never spliced in any cocks –at 24fps, it’s a little more noticeable than they’d have you believe. I did once get the pleasure of splicing together a colleague’s treasure-trove of about twenty or so ’70s porno trailers into a feature-length epic and played it for friends late… Read more »


    I worked as projectionist, despite using platter systems these burns are still 100% necessary, the films are delivered on smaller reels and have to be joined up when put onto the platters and cut up again back onto the smaller reels when they are sent back to the distributor.


    I knew about these 30 years ago. My friend’s father worked at a theater. I consider knowing about them a curse. For the next 30 years, whenever I was with someone at a movie, I would point them out like a fucking annoying asshole. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry.

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