Nice one, Congress

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The DEA’s ruling keeps marijuana in an illegal drug classification with heroin.

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    tiki god

    fucking politicians.


    I know right, Heroin is like 10 times better

    Gary Generic

    It’s the year 2011. Everyone knows the truth about pot now. It’s like beer you inhale, only there’s no can to recycle after. Also, pot is more useful than beer when it comes to making fuels, clothing, utensils, etc. Considering the usefulness of the plant, I think the government should give people tax breaks on the amount of land they set aside to grow pot for everyone. But I’m pretty sure the classification rulings have a direct impact on the DEA’s annual budget. Actually, reclassifying weed as…well, “weeds” would cost many politicians, government officials, etc. a lot of money from… Read more »