mountain city

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    Anchorage, Alaska. I lived there for 20 years. Photo was taken from Earthquake Park.


    16 years. I live there now.


    Looks beautiful and horrible.


    It is BOTH of those things!


    What Storminator said.

    Alaska is quite beautiful, but I find the prices for everything ($1 extra per gallon for gas when I visited, and even more for diesel!), food jacked up 20-30% (IHOP, same thing I get here in Florida), the only thing that seems to be a bargain is some seafood.

    My son, his wife and granddaughter used to live there (in Wasilla actually, yeah, that one), and six months later, they are still trying to sell their house. I say pack up, leave the keys on the counter, and walk away… He and the gd are now in Louisiana (Ft. Polk), it’s time the mother moved.


    I can tell by this photo that it is fuck-off cold. With that layer of ice fog hanging over the city- it’s definitely below zero. It’s dead still, so maybe -20 degrees.

    And Alaska is just plain expensive. Everything was at least 10% more… because of shipping costs. Winter is a FULL six months of dealing with snow. We always had snow on Halloween. In order to live in Alaska, you have to live for winter. Ski, snowmachines, etc. Otherwise you’ll go crazy.


    Just what I need, a reminder that winter is coming.

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