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    FUCK THIS SHIT give me back my X-Wing


    I THINK this is an E-wing. Can anyone more knowledgable comment? Or at least correct my spelling?

    And FAIL on the viper. Retard.


    Yup, definitely an e-wing. Star Wars and Battlestar are both awesome, but don’t get my hopes up like that you bastard. BS rules.

    darth duh

    It’s an E-wing.


    I swear to got this fucker is casemods, and if its not they are just as annoying with the bullshit they post.

    Luke Magnifico

    Well if you weren’t so adept at gobbling up the trollbait this post would just be a pretty cool render of an E-wing.


    Very nice post of an E-wing. Seen in the books by Michael P. Kube-McDowell. One of the only auther to realize the need to progress from the antique Y-wings and X-wings seen in the movies. To bad more did not follow his lead.

    “I say let the Imperials keep coming, because every time a new admiral crawls out of the Outer Rim or some Imperial goon finds a lost superweapon, Rogue Squadron gets a new starfighter. Seems like a good deal to me.”
    ?General Wedge Antilles