‘merica air power

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falcon, mustang, warthog and eagle


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    Question for aviators: if you can pilot, say, a Cessna, how much of a leap would it be to fly something like a p51? I understand they’re nowhere near each other in terms of performance and you’d have to compensate accordingly, but aside from learning how to strafe (yes, this is all purely hypothetical) how much more/less complicated is it?


    I bet the pilots, their families and everyone they ever dated had to be background-checked for any links to Al-queda to be allowed to fly over the city.


    Lawn dart+ great fighter+ ground attacker+ undefeated air supremacy=
    America FTW!


    Before you ask,

    The F-15 in all air forces had a combined air-to-air combat record of 104 kills to 0 losses as of February 2008.[63] No air superiority versions of the F-15 (A/B/C/D models) have been shot down by enemy forces. Over half of F-15 kills were achieved by Israeli Air Force pilots.


    Falcon, Mustang, Thunderbolt, and Eagle. FTFY.

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