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    1. Always preferred Wolverine’s brown outfit over the yellow & blue one. I’m aware this is heresy.
    2. And as if this whole thing weren’t gay enough: what’s with his GQ pose?
    3. One chick? Don’t leave the toilet seat up, fellas.
    4. Can’t identify axe-guy, “S”-belt or dude on far left –is that Quicksilver? Quasar, maybe?
    5. Gotta wonder if it’s Rhodes in the armor –could really piss off any Teabaggers in the crowd.


    S-dude is the Sentry: Superman clone with power of a million suns (stupid).
    Axe guy is Ares.

    Yeah, and that’s not Wolverine, but his son. He fights people with pheromones and his gimp claws.

    I stopped reading Marvel shortly after seeing this picture.

    Comic books are dumb, but I’m damaged by nostalgia.


    lol –thanks, and I hear ya. When Magneto took away Wolverine’s adamantium and they introduced his…bone claws…that was the day I closed the comic and said “I’m too old for this shit.”

    Pheromones? Seriously? What, did Purple Man retire?


    Dark Avengers was a good series. It’s a riff on the Thunderbolts/Master of Evil premise, with all the Avengers actually being replaced by evil (some did reform) people. Marvel boy was the odd man out in terms of he really had no idea what he was getting into, and left the team as soon as he figured out they weren’t the good guys. Sentry was nuts Ms. Marvel was actually Moonstone The “Iron Patriot” is Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin Ares had fought Thor in the past, but was looking to make good on a promise to his son,… Read more »


    4 Sentry? Sentinal? ehe… too lazy to google it


    This is from Dark Avengers, a series that wrapped up last year. Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) was deemed reformed and a hero after saving Earth, so they gave him the keys to the Avengers. He basically pulled a Thunderbolts and secretly filled the roster with villains.

    They are, from L to R: Captain Marvel(Noh-Varr), Sentry, Ms. Marvel(Moonstone), Iron Patriot(Osborn), Ares, Wolverine(Wolvie’s kid Daken), Hawkeye(Bullseye) and Spider-Man(Venom).

    It was an alright series; a fun idea with so-so execution.


    That actually sounds kinda interesting.


    Sorry, didn’t read all the comments before I posted, you said everything first and better.


    S’all good. I did enjoy the series, but especially that they were modeled after various actors(Osborn as Tommy Lee Jones was a stroke of brilliance, IMHO). Definitely one of the better storylines to come out of Secret Invasion.


    i enjoyed reading this.


    Me gusta


    Is Wolverine’s kid an American? Canadian like dad? Dual citizen?


    Sociopathic Killer, Crazy Killer, Crazy Sociopath, Crazy Sociopathic Killer, Killer, Sociopathic Killer, Crazy Sociopathic Killer, Crazy Killer.