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to not die

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    Final Fantasy


    Dunno whatcha talkin about but this is from Yahtzee aka Zero Punctuation @ The Escapist community


    Prolly how cut-scenes with a little bit of time-sensitive button tapping have taken over some entries of that series. Wouldn’t know personally, because I’ve never touched that goddamn mess. “WTF? Why is the artwork so detailed but the in-game graphics are all 16-bit?” “It’s classic gaming!” “I’m sorry, you must have this confused with Mega Man, where you don’t NEED detailed graphics. This shit looks like a damned mess of colored pixels when it claims to be a sprawling fantasy world. Plus, I don’t need turn-based RPG battles at this age. I’ll leave those for when I’m old and have… Read more »


    And the later entries are just Japanese porn masquerading as a game, so forget it.


    I mean that you could basically beat final fantasy XIII by just pressing x