shuttle fueling

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    Big Black

    You dumb fuck. Do you know anything about the pictures you post? I can Google girls and airplanes and then submit ever image that comes up too. The shuttle is completely fueled LONG BEFORE it ever reaches this point. That big brown thing…It ain’t laser storage for fighting dinosaurs. It’s a giant fuel tank you dope! Christ you’re lame and you’ve turned what used to be a kind of fun site into a shithole. I even miss casefags…He at least had some sense of how stupid he was (you could see the shame in his beedy rat-like eyes) and he… Read more »


    There there, son…

    fracked again

    The external tank is empty until it reaches the launch pad. The solid fuel boosters are ready to go, which is what you might be thinking of. A full tank would not only increase the weight of the shuttle, but would be an extreme fire and explosion risk. There are storage tanks for the liquid hydrogen and oxygen near the pad which are used to fill the external tank to test it for leaks, and on the day of the launch, a few hours before the astronauts board. The potential explosive force from a filled tank is pretty amazing, so… Read more »