me VS you VS whoever

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everybody’s hatin’  {EDIT} – It was a long night of drinking and reloading machines with Ubuntu (one with Mint) and I guess I got carried away, posting what ya see above. It works best for me. To each their own. No offence to the apple and pc fanboys/girls.

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    The last ones the most accurate i think. vista fucked it for windows. tho you could have improved the pic by using a fat tranny or something.



    The Matrix: Rebooted

    It seems like a cognitive dissonance when people are cheerleading for Linux but hate on Mac. OSX is just a UNIX OS with a nicer GUI, but you can still pull up Terminal and do anything that’s possible with Linux.


    Most of the Linux-on-Mac hating I see amounts to “Why did you pay $2000 for a tarted up version of Unix?”

    Which is kinda a fair point.


    You nailed it.


    Multiboot/Virtual Machine FTW
    Enjoy whatever win-fail combination you want


    Just to put this in to perspective in our post pc era, Microsoft announced a couple of days ago that they had sold over 400,000,000 windows 7 license(in less than two years), to now be the worlds fastest selling OS of all time.
    When I told the cultist at work, he had a lot of trouble expecting this.


    Abacus beats all.


    How come Linux is associated with gangsters? It’s like the most nerdy of the three.


    All I’m saying is that these three need to get their shit together and make things never crash before I install a computer in my brain (in the future).


    Love the Tamiya steel-wheeled Pamther tank clipart, but the only Mac-ish thing about it requires you to know that Tamiya model kits are well engineered overpriced at release and generally idiot-proof.
    Much like Macs


    the captions are not ordered to fit the image in the back: the i-make-my-own-parking-space is linux, the shiny-zero-emissions-electric-only-good-for-40-miles is a mac and the mechanic’s-kid’s-collage-money is the windows.