Transformers 3: recycle

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    The reason why this was put in, instead of the original, was because a person had their skull sliced open on set while filming the original shot.


    well maybe they should not do stupid things while filming stupid movies.

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    Even if I did notice recycled stock-settings while watching (which I probably wouldn’t), I’m not sure if I’d actually mind. As long as the context were different, at least. Otherwise I might as well claim that Elrond was a blatant recycling of Agent Smith.

    I’m not sure what I’m getting at here. Maybe I’m actually for the idea of recycling stock settings with different effects or something. Hey, whatever stops another 300 million from being thrown at the Sex and the City franchise. Why am I still talking?


    fuck off

    The King of Nothing

    In both of those movies, didn’t those incidences take place in D.C.? That might something to do with it.

    Think Tank

    Somebody not only watched The Island, but paid enough attention to it to pick this out? God damn.

    casemods UID# 667

    Anyone have a link to the accident??


    It frustrates me that I have two thumbs and yet, by virtual proxy, can only thumbs-down you once.


    you can find this on youtube.


    My repost will improve upon this.


    the island was the shit. fuck transformers

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