who should you date

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    gah, no more 18 year olds.

    25 and up have proven good for me.


    Myself, three friends, and my brother-in-law are all dating women 8-10 years younger than us, and ours seem to be the only relationships that aren’t going down the shitter. It seems like just about everyone else we know is breaking up, getting divorces, fighting custody battles, cheating or being cheated on and all kinds of other soap opera-esque shenanigans, while we in the Dating a Younger Woman Club are the calm eye of the disintegrating relationship shitstorm. Men have a thing for younger women. Women have a thing for older men. It’s only natural. I swear the entire concept of… Read more »


    I married someone much older than myself. Best thing I ever did. Just remember when someone dates a person half their age it is not their muse’s youth they are after, it is their own.




    Bah! I’ll take my older woman any day! The thing it says about sex drive is spot on! We both have our goals in life sorted out, know where we stand on having kids, and don’t have to put up with the bullshit. Sure she has a few laugh lines, but screw the x-box, I want a woman who knows when she wants a well-cooked meal and a bubble-bath, and when she wants her hair pulled and be called a slut.


    I prefer the tight bodies of 18 year olds, but one of the best nights I ever had when I was 20 and she was an extremely fit 38 year old who wanted to get back at her lazy, bastard husband. She taught a young man many things that night.

    adrian wallace

    wher do you get the older women that look’s like that im in!

    I concur.