WTF, DC – Harley Quinn

words fail me.  harley was perfect the way she was 🙁

Harley Quinn Joins the Suicide Sluts — Er, Squad

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    DC is taking a huge risk with this. I’m in the retail/distribution part of the Comic Book machine. I know numbers, and I talk with other retailers and many fellow fans. Some of the changes are just mind boggling. Red Robin with red feathers like some kind of birdman? Sgt Rock is fighting in the middle east? (guess the Vietnam war didn’t happen) Barbara back as Batgirl? (guess Joker never shot her in the spine) Superman wearing armor? I can understand DC’s philosophy. They want to freshen up their properties for a new generation. Fine. Why not do it the… Read more »

    tiki god

    yeah. that.

    I decided to bail when they did the 52 series a few years ago, figured it was a good time to get out of the comic buying cycle, since all the majors do anymore are universe wide cross overs that usually have zero repercussions in the long run.

    The only individual issue series that I think I could even possibly be interested in is “Invincible” and that’s only because it’s a singular series and I dont’ have to read 20 other books a month to understand just what the fuck is going on.


    I got out after Secret Invasion. It wasn’t even a conscious decision. I just… stopped going to my LCS.

    ‘Course, that was my second time dropping the habit. Also dropped it at 16 for girls, but the Ultimate line dragged me back in. Too bad Loeb happened there.



    Digging the two-tone hair color. And corsets are teh hawtness.


    Normally I’d agree with you and hate any dark ‘n edgy ‘new look’ or retrofit…but this is kinda hot.


    My opinion is they are picking up on Arkham Asylum/Arkham City here. I think it works. I’m more surprised that King Shark is a hammerhead now and that Deadshot looks like a cyborg. This is the new Suicide Squad, BTW. That means Secret Six is probably done and gone, and that really sucks big fucking cat balls.


    That’s no one-handed hammer,


    Maybe she’s one of the Worthy…


    How you likin that story crewman? The Thing looks so bad ass now, all molten between his rocks and shit. And poor Bucky. Like we didn’t see that comin.

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